1 What is ArcEye?

ArcEye Property Defense provides reliable virtual security guard services for businesses of all sizes. We utilize advanced proactive video monitoring technology, which allows our security specialists to detect unusual activity quickly. This gives an opportunity for property owners to quickly address the problem in real-time through a variety of protocols designed to prevent the crime and apprehend the perpetrator fast. If you want to do more than just gather surveillance footage, investing in ArcEye is an excellent way to decrease theft, shoplifting, vandalism, vagrancy, trespassing, and other serious behaviors.

2 What Is Proactive Video Monitoring?

Conventional security cameras can record footage of crimes being committed. This can help local authorities prosecute criminals by identifying the perpetrator. However, surveillance alone does little to avoid the loss of property or the endangerment of people's lives. Proactive video monitoring involves the use of highly advanced intelligent software that actively detects any individuals or activities that are out of the ordinary.

3 How Can Virtual Guards Protect My Property?

Proactive surveillance alone can do a lot to prevent criminal activities. However, when combined with virtual guard services, the benefits are even more enhanced. The moment that our system notices a possible threat, our team of security specialists will be alerted right away. Those specialists will then intervene with criminals in real time using a two-way audio system to deter them from the site before alerting local law enforcement.

4 What Happens if a Crime Is Committed?

Once the alert arrives, virtual security guards will take action right away. After closely monitoring and assessing the situation, our professionals will follow a pre-established protocol that is customized to your company's specific needs and desires. In addition to alerting the property owner and manager, our team can also notify the police so that the incident can be handled quickly and safely by local authorities rather than placing your staff in harm's way.

5 Can I Integrate Virtual Guard Services with My Existing Security System?

Absolutely! Our proactive video monitoring system can work in tandem with other popular security features such as conventional surveillance cameras, motion detectors, security lighting systems, sound alarms, and more. We will work together to create a security plan that perfectly suits your budget and security preferences.

6 How do I get ArcEye set up on my property?

Contact ArcEye Property Defense to speak with our friendly specialists by calling 855-854-7083 or completing this form. Our experienced security team is always available to answer any questions you might have about implementing the use of virtual guards. Speak to our specialists to find out how proactive video monitoring technology can be used to save your assets from local criminals.